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Being a descendant of the Hupa, Yurok and Karuk tribes of Northern California and of theatrical relatives on her Anglo-American side, Koli Kohler comes from a long line of storytellers. Koli’s warm personality shines through her songs as she takes us along her journey as a young woman who is “holding her own” while traversing young adulthood across states and various countries.

Koli creatively engages the listener by braiding together catchy tunes, intriguing metaphors, and unique timing. Blending her clear voice with the harmonious sounds of ukulele, guitar, and piano, Koli blurs across the lines of pop, country, and folk.

Koli began her songwriting career at age 8 when Native News awarded her Native Voice of the Future for her song, “Christopher Columbus with the Big Butt,” known for its great hook to listeners of all ages.  Koli has been nominated for six Native American Music Awards in 2019 and 2022 which include Female Artist of the Year,  Single of the Year, and Best Folk Album. 

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